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Hello name is Joni Skiles, and welcome to Castle Hill. I started my business in 2002, with a lot of enthusiasm, passion, and a whole lot to learn! The world of antiques will definitely take you on a journey. Because the more you think you know...the more you've only just begun!

But that's okay...that's the fun of it. The thrill of the hunt...the satisfaction of finding that perfect treasure...and then the "cherishing" of a beautiful, gently worn piece, that speaks comfort to you, each and every time it catches your glance throughout your day.

It is through their timeless beauty, quality craftsmanship, and pure style, that antiques really make a statement in today's 21st century world of design. Thanks for stopping by...and I trust that you will enjoy your visit here at Castle Hill, and hopefully find the joy of starting your own personal journey!

Joni Skiles

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